Standing Firm. Staying True.

Kansas is a wonderful state and we are blessed to live in a thriving community in Johnson County. For our families and businesses to continue to prosper, we must elect leaders who have the vision to lead and the courage to serve when called upon. Too often, those who go to Topeka lose sight of the values of those who elected them and instead get caught up in a political game dominated by pure opportunism and money rather than a focus on what policies are right for the people and our state’s competitiveness with our neighbors.

In pondering whether to run for the Kansas Senate, I looked at where our state is at across a myriad of issues and saw a picture that was hopeful, yet needed some important changes in the near future to help keep us on the right path.

Below is a list of my core principles as we head into 2016:

  • Supports Property Tax Lid
  • Prioritize Spending, Eliminate Waste
  • Restore Local Control, Put Parents in Charge
  • Defend Life, Protect Liberty
  • Oppose ObamaCare / Medicaid Expansion
In addition, I'm very proud of my record of leadership on several key issues, including:

A Leader in Life-Saving Cures: I led the effort to establish a medical research center at KU Med, producing groundbreaking research in adult stem cell therapy.

Protecting Kids, Preserving Families: I fought for welfare reform that moved thousands of Kansans back into the work force.

Upholding a Culture of Life & Defending Dignity: I have continuously worked in defense of the unborn and vulnerable populations in Kansas - and that will always be a top priority.

Modernize K-12 Education & Funding: I have worked to ensure a flexible student-focused approach for success in our schools. We have moved beyond the old formula and now must look to the future.

In closing, I want to emphasize how much I believe in serious representation. Too often we elect people who become politicians instead of representatives, and that improper focus harms our government. While in the House, my attendance was near 100%, and I remained committed to the promises I made when running.

District 10 deserves consistent, experienced, unwavering leadership – and I will provide that. I would appreciate your vote.

Other Important Issues

Traditional Marriage - I support the definition of marriage as between one man and one woman. My voting record reflects that view.

Religious Liberty - One issue that is very important to me is religious liberty. The First Amendment guarantees the right to free exercise of our religion, and that does not end the moment you exit a church. Yet, those fundamental liberties are under assault, as even religious institutions like churches are being forced to offer abortion services, and Christian business owners forced to perform acts that go against their deeply-held religious beliefs. We must have the courage to address these issues that are so central to our founding and our way of life.