Media Releases & Relevant News Articles

Below is a list of media releases from the office of Senator Mary Pilcher-Cook as well as links to relevant news articles regarding Mary's work in Topeka and along the campaign trail.

Senator Mary Pilcher Cook (R-Shawnee) has released the following statement in response to yesterday's ruling by the Kansas Supreme Court in the Gannon case.

"The Kansas Supreme Court has again overstepped its bounds and is again undermining the liberty of Kansas citizens. There is a reason the people voted for the Kansas Constitution that gave specific policy-making duties to the Legislature. Its members are elected by the people; its members are closest to the people; its members are held accountable by the people. When the Court gives rulings that are so deeply mired in policy, it overrides the voice of the people and it prevents them from controlling their government. For the good of the people, this has to stop and by their oath, each member of the Legislature has a duty to protect the liberty of its Kansas citizens."

Protecting Life: Mary's Resolution Honoring Pregnancy Maintenance Resource Centers
The week of January 23rd marked the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade. In both Washington and Topeka, a "March for Life" was held, attended by hundreds in Kansans and tens of thousands in Washington.

As part of this week, Mary Pilcher-Cook introduced SR 1706, a resolution honoring pregnancy maintenance resource centers in Kansas and across the United States. She gave remarks on the floor of the Senate on the resolution, which was co-sponsored by a number of other Senators and adopted unanimously.

To read the resolution, click here. To read Mary's remarks, click here.

Shawnee Dispatch: Kansas attorney general asks court to back off threat to close schools
(June 13, 2016) Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt is asking the state Supreme Court to back off its threat to close public schools over funding inequities, arguing that Gov. Sam Brownback and legislative leaders have vowed to address the issue in an upcoming special session. Read more...

Mary Pilcher-Cook Files For Re-Election
Senator Mary Pilcher-Cook (R-Shawnee) filed for re-election on Tuesday, formally signaling her decision to seek her third term in the Kansas Senate. Pilcher-Cook, who represents the 10th District, is a leading voice for principled conservatism in the Legislature. Read more...

Mary Pilcher-Cook Statement on Being Removed as Chairman of the Senate Health and Public Welfare Committee
Kansas State Senator Mary Pilcher-Cook (R-Shawnee) issued the following statement upon learning she was removed as chairman of the Senate Public Health and Welfare Committee: Read more...

Senator Pilcher-Cook Proposes Legislation to put Parents in Control of Sex Education for their Children
(January 22, 2014) Senator Mary Pilcher-Cook (R-Shawnee) announced today that she will be introducing legislation requiring school districts to receive signed permission slips from parents before their children can receive sex education classes in public schools. Her proposal comes in the wake of a poster entitled “How do people express their sexual feelings?” at Hocker Grove Middle School which then listed several sexual acts. Read more...

Video: 2013 Tax Law Changes
The Kansas Department of Revenue, in conjunction with the Kansas Society of CPAs, created a 30-minute video to inform Kansas taxpayers about the new tax law effective in 2013. I encourage you to view it, as it is quite good.