Would you like to help out Mary? Good, because the demands of running a campaign and being a legislator are extensive! There are so many different ways you can help, including:

Stuff Envelopes
From time to time, Mary sends out Newsletters or other pieces to her constituents. It helps with efficiency when she has supporters help stuff and seal envelopes!

Host an Event
Coffees, small gatherings of people interested in Mary's message -- are usually held in people's homes and are a great way of getting to know Mary one-on-one and asking her important questions.

Data Entry
Both during the campaign and in the off-campaign season, Mary is always in need of data entry help which is very important but time consuming.

Phone Work
As campaign season heats up, its important to get out the vote and make sure people know how to get to the polls, and what the issues are in the race. If you are good on the phone, and like talking to people, Mary needs you in this area!

Put up yard signs
Yard signs are the bedrock of any campaign, and are important for showing Mary's strong support throughout the district. It's fun and good exercise, so let us know if you would like to help in this area.

Name in an endorsement ad
During the campaign season, it is important to let voters know the large amount of support Mary has throughout the district. If you would like to be an endorsement ad, this is an easy way of showing your support for Mary Pilcher Cook!

Walk Neighborhoods
The most critical part of winning any election is walking door to door--not just Mary, but her supporters. It is critical to get the message out in person. Mary needs as many "walkers" as she can get.

Help wherever needed
If you don't have any specific area of interest, just let us know "I want to help anywhere!" and we will find a spot for you. Mary is always busy so she needs as much help as she can get--and not just during campaign season!